Worthing Fencing Club

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Worthing Fencing Club (WFC) is a friendly community fencing club in Worthing, West Sussex, teaching épée to beginners and experienced fencers of all ages.

WFC was established in 2013 by founder members Simon Jones, Rob Parsons and John-Paul Rowe. We decided that Worthing needed its own fencing club following the success of many independent local courses run by Rob Parsons.

We have close ties to Lewes Fencing Club which Rob Parsons helped to set up and is also a coach.

The club meets once a week at Bohunt High School on Tuesday evenings from 7pm till 9pm 

The club owns a significant quantity of fencing equipment including jackets, plastrons (protective under jackets), chest protectors,  breeches, masks, gloves, electric pistes and a variety of weapons.

We currently coach techniques in épée and we hope to expand to foil and sabre in the future.

Our British Fencing club membership number is 123077 registered in March 2013.