Clothing & Equipment

plastron-and-epeeIt is not necessary for you to own any equipment or special clothing to participate in a course for the first time. Come along wearing a tee-shirt, light-weight sports trousers and trainers. If you have any long football or rugby socks then these will be useful. Under normal circumstances we will be able lend you the fencing kit you need for the duration of our club meetings.

We do ask though, if at all possible, after you have completed a course, that fencers purchase at least some of their own kit. This could include breeches and a body-wire perhaps? There are a variety of places that you can buy kit – a few of them are listed on our links page.

Many fencers decide to buy a full set of kit. We can advise you exactly what to buy however, the minimum required kit is listed below: (the strength of fabric is measured in Newtons)

Fencing Jacket – 350 Newtons

Plastron – 800 Newtons – this is a protective garment worn under your jacket.

Chest guard – Required for female fencers only. This is a piece of shaped, moulded plastic worn under your jacket.

Breeches – 350 Newtons

Socks – long socks which pull up to just below the knee

Footwear – conventional trainers

Glove – a single fencing glove for your sword hand

Mask – 350 Newton bib

Wire – a body wire with a 3-pin épée plug at both ends

Weapon – please ask and we can advise.