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Hello Everyone,
As the saying goes, we live in interesting times!
We’re looking at how we begin to open up the club again for fencing sessions at Bohunt. We’re in the process of completing risk assessments and working out the logistics of fencing within the current (but ever changing) rules – this will take a little time.
One or two other clubs are opening up over the next couple of weeks and we will see what their experience is, what works etc. to help guide our arrangements. At the moment we’re thinking late September / early October – all the above permitting. At the moment, for instance, fencers need to wear a face mask under their fencing mask, groups of fencers need to remain small and together (so no random fencing outside of your group) and parents will need to observe social distancing (obviously).
Whilst we complete this work and assess progress at other clubs (as well as watching what happens nationally), we would like to get your views on whether you feel comfortable fencing at this time irresepective of any safeguards we implement.
So this is a request for you to let us know your thoughts. If we were to open up with a raft of measures in place, would you attend or do you feel that given the situation, you’d rather wait until the situation has played out a bit more?
From a financial perspective, we need a minimum headcount of paying customers to cover our costs and being a not-for-profit community club we aren’t able to run at a loss for very long.
So, what do you think? Please let us know.
Your views are welcome.
Cheers – stay safe
The committee.